Introducing: The 2021 LeadHERs SpeedVesting Startups

LeadHERs SpeedVesting is connecting women founders and leaders of startups currently fundraising with venture capital investors actively seeking deal flow. There is still time to join LeadHERs Summit on February 19, RSVP here.

The women entrepreneurs behind the transformative companies listed.

is on a mission to connect healthcare providers and patients through an easy-to-use, online/mobile, provider-centric, platform. The Blum Telehealth platform to facilitate synchronous telehealth visits between providers and patients. Blum’s platform increases provider/patient interactions; lowers cost of care; and increases revenue.

has a vision to give every business a cognitive interface to boost efficiency and customer satisfaction. CogniCor’s leading AI-driven business support automation platform enables financial advisors and insurance brokers to reclaim time and expand their portfolio.

is on a mission to improve outcomes and save on healthcare costs by improving access to effective skin cancer evaluation. DermaSensor is designing tools to better equip primary care providers to check for skin cancer.

is on a mission to create evidence-based and culturally informed digital and other health solutions that provide access to quality mental health treatments. Minds iHealth Solutions has one simple goal: to improve the mental health outcomes for those most in need with a personalized, sensitive and holistic approach.

has a vision to create an end-to-end solution for healthcare systems to engage patients throughout their journey. Navimize’s advanced algorithms will help you maximize visit volumes, while maintaining patient safety. Our virtual waiting room solution and patient management suite makes it easy to adapt to the new normal.

is on a mission to rehabilitate balance at home and in the clinic. The OnTrack Rehab approach has FASTER neuro-vestibular rehabilitation techniques; SAFER objective measures of patient progress; SIMPLER gamification of rehabilitation protocols; and, SMARTER personalized data collection and rehabilitation programs.

is on a mission to make women’s lives easier by bringing birth control to women wherever they have internet and a mailbox. Pandia Health physicians are birth control experts who specialize in women’s health and have a passion for providing affordable and convenient birth control services to our patients.

is on a mission to partner with primary care providers to prevent the onset of disease in their upstream at-risk populations at scale. PreventScripts is automating preventive medicine in four easy steps with a clinically-embedded digital service line, providing both patient-facing and provider-facing digital interfaces and experiences.

is on a mission to improve the quality of life and health outcomes of patients living with chronic diseases, provide better clinical tools for providers and care teams, and lower healthcare costs. Silver Fern Healthcare is transforming care for people with chronic disease.

is on a mission to reactivate the body’s own cells to fight disease. Turn Bio is a biotechnology company focused on restoring cells’ youthful vigor to repair damage caused by the aging process. All too often it seems that what is most important to us slips away before we know it.

is on a mission to enhance the efficacy of cancer immunotherapies using computational AI and digital patient-centric solutions. Vistan Health is committed to building solutions to enhance drug discovery and development and help bring them to market faster at a lower cost.



HealthVenture is on a mission is to meaningfully impact healthcare by launching innovative digital solutions. We invest in pre-series digital health startups.

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HealthVenture is on a mission is to meaningfully impact healthcare by launching innovative digital solutions. We invest in pre-series digital health startups.